*cue Seinfeld theme*

I’m not very good at planning, hence why it took me all of half an hour to search for a theme that I don’t know the name of for my post title. And I still can’t find it, so I’ll have to settle with Jerry’s.

I’m also not a great writer, so a part of me is wondering why I’m making this blog in the first place. 
Is it because I have important things to share with the world? Nah.

Is it because I’ve seen many others who I admire do this and it’s sparked the wish to start my own? Yes.

Yeah, okay you got me. I’m a sheep. A lousy follower who jumps on bandwagons. Especially the ones that have been around for years already.

This isn’t even going to be one of those ‘look at me I’m so normal lol how kooky‘ blogs (or has it become so now I’ve pointed it out?). This is literally because in this moment in time, I wanted to make a blog.

And now I have. That’s another thing to check off the ‘social media-ing’ list. (Is it? Is this social media?)
What’s probably also gonna happen is that this’ll be fun for all of one week, and then I’ll get really bad at it and disappear forever again.

I’m also painfully aware that I’m writing as if someone is going to read this, but the reality is, no-one probably will. I’m just have a grand old chat with myself.

“Hi Me.”
“Oh hey.”
“What’s up?”
“Not much. You?”
“Well, I just started a blog.”
“Yeah I know. I’m writing on it right now.”
“No kidding.”
“Yeah, only thing is… I dunno what to write about.”
“Hmm me neither. I was thinking… like… stuff that I liked.”
“What a novel idea! No-one’s ever done that before.”
 Actually, this is kind of nice. Maybe instead of talking to myself, I can write it out and not be a total weirdo. But then again, it’s kind of the fashion to be a little weird and ‘out there’ anyway.

Here’s some stuff that I like:
  • Art. I graduated last year in Fine Art and Design studies, and am now officially an ‘artist’. Surprise surprise, I’m still looking for work on the side until I can actually live on commissions. So, maybe I’ll put up some paintings/drawings/shite.
  • Video Games. I’m no hardcore gamer. I’m one of those ‘casual’ people. Competition freaks me out so I’m bad at online stuff. Apart from Tera Online. That was good.
  • Cooking/Baking. I’m more into sweet things myself, and I do love a good recipe.
  • Health/Beauty. No waaaaaay. No other girl ever has ever been interested in that stuuuuuuuff. Wow, what a special snowflake. Only thing is, it’s literally in only the last year or two that this has actually become an interest. I’m 23.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Music. lol I know. Who doesn’t, right? *scoff scoff* I particularly like video game/film soundtracks though. And the odd song here and there by so-and-so.

I’m praying that I actually stick with this, because it’d be nice to have an extra little outlet for more personal stuff, rather than fumbling around in the dark blue vastness of Tumblr all the time. This place is nice and bright. It feels like the internet-eqivalent of venturing out of the basement into the sun for the first time. Except we don’t have a basement so…

Maybe in my next post I’ll talk about myself more. Dunno for whose benefit I’d be doing that, but let me just pretend that I’m interacting with someone. A girl’s gotta feel like her vapid fantasies are somewhat valid, right?

This is me:

Okay, not really. Wow, haha. You sure are good at catching me out.


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