Succulent Sesame Chicken

I hate to post so many things in one day, but dayum, dinner tonight was pretty damn good. It looked good, and it tasted good, which is why it was extremely fortunate that I took photos. It was good.
It’s one of those recipes that’s so easy and obvious when you hear about it, but actually until you do (or at least, until I did), I hadn’t even considered it.
Just pan-fry some garlic in coconut oil for about a minute, then throw in some chicken strips. Let those cook for a few minutes before squeezing in a modest helping of lemon juice.
sesame chicken
It looks gorgeous already.
Now, wait until the chicken is completely cooked all the way through, and just a few minutes before you take it off the heat, add the sesame seeds. However much you want.
sesame chicken2
Those will roast pretty quickly and add a really delicious texture to the chicken.
And that’s it! We had it with some salad, and that was totally enough to be a satisfying meal.
sesame chicken3
I’m one of those people who makes 110% sure that the chicken is cooked evenly through to the point of making it dry, for fear of eating even just a tiny bit of pinkness. But this time I managed to stop myself short of doing that, and it was fully cooked but really moist. I r proud.

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