I’m an Eyeliner Fiend

(Is Aligned Left, or Aligned Center better?)
Being someone who’s only just begun to develop her interest in make-up fairly recently, I have pretty much my whole teenage years to catch up on. So as you can probably imagine, while I have an idea of what’s good and what’s bad, I’m still fumbling around and experimenting with stuff.

Liquid eyeliner seems to be one thing I can’t get just right. I’ve watched endless make-up gurus on Youtube, examined many of the products they use, and I’m still having trouble. 

Today, I bought myself two new ones. That it. I’m done for a long time. I’ve probably enough eyeliner for the next ten years.
(I’m no photographer, so I’ll be only as arty as I can be.) This is the stuff I got. That nifty little tool of torture there is a comedone extractor. They’re all from my local Boots. 
Now I’m hardly flush with money, so I like to find reasonably cheap products unless I’m particularly impressed with their presentation. The extractor came in one of those crappy plastic boxes that hurt to open, and it was €12.50, which is pretty ridiculous considering how basic it is.
Look at it! It’s tiny! It’s smaller than I imagined it was going to be anyway, and I only bought it because this was the first time I’d seen the damn thing. And I need it. I’ve been plagued with tiny blackheads ever since I can remember, all over my nose and chin. I hate it. 
To be fair, I used the extractor straight away and honestly… it’s brilliant. I didn’t even do it properly; in my impatience I didn’t steam my pores open so… Woops. But I don’t think my skin has looked so clear since I was a wee babby. So, it’s redeemed itself.
Onto the eyeliners, I got a black Bourgois Liner Pinceau. Ooh fancy name. I like how thin the brush is, but then again, whenever I imagine a feature is going to be The Thing, it doesn’t always work. And I’m still learning how to apply eyeliner nicely anyway, so… Yeah.
This one is Collection Fast Str– Ahh you can probably read it. It’s the brown one. I already have the black one, but I’ve been wondering recently if brown would look softer on me. 
Later: I’ve tried it, and yeah. Brown looks a lot more natural on me, which is nicer for the daytime. Black is fine too, but I think it can look a little harsh.

If anyone has any advice on any particular thing, it’d be much appreciated!

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