It’s a Miserable Day!

Literally. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, there are deep muddy pits in the garden, it’s cold, there are chocolate rice-krispie treats tempting me, and I’m feeling completely lethargic.
No wait, I lied. I’ve actually already eaten the rice-krispie treats, but I wanted to seem like I had at least some willpower. I don’t.
This post isn’t going to be centered around anything in particular, which is okay. I’ve made a determined decision that this blog, while it will report on things I’ve got and my interests in general, everything about it will be relaxed and laid-back. I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years now, and let me tell you I’ve had enough of people and posts that do nothing but generate crappy feelings.
I was thinking about that the other night actually. How there seems to be a taboo on wanting to experience only positive things online, because the usual argument, which is correct, is that it’s literally impossible. Life cannot be devoid of negativity, otherwise how could you enjoy what’s good?
But on the internet, nobody’s obliged to take part in or instigate bad things. People do so because it’s their choice to record them, and that’s fine for them. Maybe it’s therapeutic. Okay. That’s totally fine.
But for me it’s not, because for once I’d just like to come onto a site I like and not have to worry about seeing something that might not be so nice. I want one little space to do that.
Haha. I’m complaining about negativity. Shot myself in the foot there.
It’s not unavoidable, but it is easy to monitor myself.
So that’s the fate I want for this blog. Ideally. Realistically, it might not follow through, but I want to come here and post stupid, insignificant things because I like them.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Within reason.
Now I’m going to take a nap.

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