It’s a Beautiful Day!

So today was pretty exciting because my mom and I were heading out to a cute seaside tourist town to hang some of our paintings for a small exhibition. And it was such a gorgeous day that we took a walk along the beach.
Unfortunately, it also meant I had my metaphorical balls frozen off. It was bloody freezing.
At least our dog, Harriet, was chipper about it. She hadn’t stopped whinging the whole car-ride, so if anything, it was a relief to listen to something else.
Look at that adorable little bottom.
What a cute butt.
Which poops sometimes and forces my mother to try and hide the evidence.
We’re such good, honest dog owners.
This photo makes me feel arty. I got down on my hands and knees to take it because ART IS PAIN.
This is the town we were in. Ardmore, and when it’s a nice day like it was today, it’s super worth the visit. Anyone taking a trip to Ireland is well advised to check the town out, but only after triple checking the weather report.
Home again, home again jiggity jig.

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