Fantasy Life and No Pink Dye

I would say that I’ve only been a proper ‘gamer’ since about the age of 15/16, when after so many years of being refused a Playstation 2 by my parents, I was lucky to be sold one by a friend for about a third of it’s original price. Then things opened up.
For my following birthday I got Final Fantasy X, my favourite FF game to date (Only marginally more than FF9), and that summer, I bought both Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Those were good, good times.
Before all that polygonal bliss however, I had had to make do with Pokemon, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, and this weird Bugs Bunny game that required you collect carrots and run away from steam rollers.
As I get older though, I seem to be lagging behind on the gaming front, only knowing older games that have long passed their sell-by-date. Either nobody played them, or nobody plays them anymore. It’s mainly because I’m not willing to spend hundreds on consoles anymore, because it would never end. As soon as I’d buy one thing, a newer version would come out and let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time money fo’ dat.
So I’m stuck in a never-ending rut of not being up-to-date.
But whatever.
Recently I found a game that combined my love of fantasy with the not-so-fantastical daily grind, i.e. completing chores and ticking off things on a looooong to-do list. I don’t love that bit.
Fantasy Life was introduced to me indirectly when I was doing some research on Tomodachi Life, since stingy-me didn’t think that I should spend as much on the game as it was asking for. Then on various forums I found people vouching for Fantasy Life as being a much more immersive game that actually involved the player.
They were right.
The End.
No not really.
It’s apparently been out for a little while, in Japan at least. And it was one of those pleasant gems that didn’t cost too much but still made me feel like I wasn’t completely left in the gaming dust. There. I came full circle. Except I’m not done.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with them game, it’s like an old Final Fantasy game, but with the chores of Animal Crossing – you get to choose a ‘Life’ (job) from a selecton of 12, which you can freely switch between at any point you like during the story intervals.
Then you get long lists of jobs to do, you do them, you get better at your Life, you do more jobs… etc. But most, if not all ‘Lifes’ (I know, it pains me too) depend at some point on the abilities of another Life. The point is, you’re meant to play and master all of them. Then you won’t get caught out.
But MY infallible logic went ‘Oh hey! There are 3 save files! I can make 3 characters, each with different Lifes, so I won’t get bored of redoing the same things over and over!”
How naive of me.
I actually managed this successfully on my main character. I assigned 4 Lifes to her, and she is now at maximum rank on all of them.
My second character however, is beginning to require the abilities that my first character has mastered. But this is what I wanted to avoid. YOU SEE MY PROBLEM??
The solution to this would have been to allow your characters to commission materials etc. that they were missing from the various NPCs that specialised in the skills you lacked. But noooooo. That would be too easy.
And now I’ve stopped playing. Because I know that if I go back, I’ll have to go through hours of sewing and fishing again… And I just can’t face that.
I know you can trade with other people online, but ehhhhh. I like to be self-sufficient?
fantasy life
These are my three characters. Aren’t they cute?
The next main problem:
Now it’s The End.

It’s a Beautiful Day!

So today was pretty exciting because my mom and I were heading out to a cute seaside tourist town to hang some of our paintings for a small exhibition. And it was such a gorgeous day that we took a walk along the beach.
Unfortunately, it also meant I had my metaphorical balls frozen off. It was bloody freezing.
At least our dog, Harriet, was chipper about it. She hadn’t stopped whinging the whole car-ride, so if anything, it was a relief to listen to something else.
Look at that adorable little bottom.
What a cute butt.
Which poops sometimes and forces my mother to try and hide the evidence.
We’re such good, honest dog owners.
This photo makes me feel arty. I got down on my hands and knees to take it because ART IS PAIN.
This is the town we were in. Ardmore, and when it’s a nice day like it was today, it’s super worth the visit. Anyone taking a trip to Ireland is well advised to check the town out, but only after triple checking the weather report.
Home again, home again jiggity jig.

It’s a Miserable Day!

Literally. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, there are deep muddy pits in the garden, it’s cold, there are chocolate rice-krispie treats tempting me, and I’m feeling completely lethargic.
No wait, I lied. I’ve actually already eaten the rice-krispie treats, but I wanted to seem like I had at least some willpower. I don’t.
This post isn’t going to be centered around anything in particular, which is okay. I’ve made a determined decision that this blog, while it will report on things I’ve got and my interests in general, everything about it will be relaxed and laid-back. I’ve been on Tumblr for a few years now, and let me tell you I’ve had enough of people and posts that do nothing but generate crappy feelings.
I was thinking about that the other night actually. How there seems to be a taboo on wanting to experience only positive things online, because the usual argument, which is correct, is that it’s literally impossible. Life cannot be devoid of negativity, otherwise how could you enjoy what’s good?
But on the internet, nobody’s obliged to take part in or instigate bad things. People do so because it’s their choice to record them, and that’s fine for them. Maybe it’s therapeutic. Okay. That’s totally fine.
But for me it’s not, because for once I’d just like to come onto a site I like and not have to worry about seeing something that might not be so nice. I want one little space to do that.
Haha. I’m complaining about negativity. Shot myself in the foot there.
It’s not unavoidable, but it is easy to monitor myself.
So that’s the fate I want for this blog. Ideally. Realistically, it might not follow through, but I want to come here and post stupid, insignificant things because I like them.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Within reason.
Now I’m going to take a nap.

I’m an Eyeliner Fiend

(Is Aligned Left, or Aligned Center better?)
Being someone who’s only just begun to develop her interest in make-up fairly recently, I have pretty much my whole teenage years to catch up on. So as you can probably imagine, while I have an idea of what’s good and what’s bad, I’m still fumbling around and experimenting with stuff.

Liquid eyeliner seems to be one thing I can’t get just right. I’ve watched endless make-up gurus on Youtube, examined many of the products they use, and I’m still having trouble. 

Today, I bought myself two new ones. That it. I’m done for a long time. I’ve probably enough eyeliner for the next ten years.
(I’m no photographer, so I’ll be only as arty as I can be.) This is the stuff I got. That nifty little tool of torture there is a comedone extractor. They’re all from my local Boots. 
Now I’m hardly flush with money, so I like to find reasonably cheap products unless I’m particularly impressed with their presentation. The extractor came in one of those crappy plastic boxes that hurt to open, and it was €12.50, which is pretty ridiculous considering how basic it is.
Look at it! It’s tiny! It’s smaller than I imagined it was going to be anyway, and I only bought it because this was the first time I’d seen the damn thing. And I need it. I’ve been plagued with tiny blackheads ever since I can remember, all over my nose and chin. I hate it. 
To be fair, I used the extractor straight away and honestly… it’s brilliant. I didn’t even do it properly; in my impatience I didn’t steam my pores open so… Woops. But I don’t think my skin has looked so clear since I was a wee babby. So, it’s redeemed itself.
Onto the eyeliners, I got a black Bourgois Liner Pinceau. Ooh fancy name. I like how thin the brush is, but then again, whenever I imagine a feature is going to be The Thing, it doesn’t always work. And I’m still learning how to apply eyeliner nicely anyway, so… Yeah.
This one is Collection Fast Str– Ahh you can probably read it. It’s the brown one. I already have the black one, but I’ve been wondering recently if brown would look softer on me. 
Later: I’ve tried it, and yeah. Brown looks a lot more natural on me, which is nicer for the daytime. Black is fine too, but I think it can look a little harsh.

If anyone has any advice on any particular thing, it’d be much appreciated!

Succulent Sesame Chicken

I hate to post so many things in one day, but dayum, dinner tonight was pretty damn good. It looked good, and it tasted good, which is why it was extremely fortunate that I took photos. It was good.
It’s one of those recipes that’s so easy and obvious when you hear about it, but actually until you do (or at least, until I did), I hadn’t even considered it.
Just pan-fry some garlic in coconut oil for about a minute, then throw in some chicken strips. Let those cook for a few minutes before squeezing in a modest helping of lemon juice.
sesame chicken
It looks gorgeous already.
Now, wait until the chicken is completely cooked all the way through, and just a few minutes before you take it off the heat, add the sesame seeds. However much you want.
sesame chicken2
Those will roast pretty quickly and add a really delicious texture to the chicken.
And that’s it! We had it with some salad, and that was totally enough to be a satisfying meal.
sesame chicken3
I’m one of those people who makes 110% sure that the chicken is cooked evenly through to the point of making it dry, for fear of eating even just a tiny bit of pinkness. But this time I managed to stop myself short of doing that, and it was fully cooked but really moist. I r proud.

Delicious Moist Gooey Brownies

I cannot tell you how good the kitchen smells right now. Ahhh… cake. Ya can’t beat it.

I try not to bake too much nowadays since I’m trying to eat well, but brownies are my forte, even if I do say so myself. And I get requests from time to time to make them. So I thought I’d share the recipe.

I’ve been doing it like this for years, and they’ve always been delicious.


220g plain flour
220g dark chocolate (prefereably around 70%)
220g butter
225g caster sugar
225g icing sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp baking powder

You can add in extra things like chocolate chips or nuts if you like, but I prefer them plain.

1) In a saucepan, put the chocolate and butter on a medium heat and make sure both melt together until they become a smooth mixture.
2) In a bowl, sieve your flour, icing sugar, caster sugar and baking powder. You don’t have to sieve, but it obviously helps to keep the brownies lump-less.
3) Add the eggs.
4) If you have an electric whisk; great. If not, then you’re in for a slightly sore arm. Mix the dry ingredients and eggs together, and then pour in the melted chocolate/butter, mixing everything until it’s an even consistency. If you want, then this is the part to add in the extra ingredients you want, though maybe mix them in by hand.
I got to use my own new whisk for this. Yay!
The mixture should look like this, or as close as you can get to it.

5) In a baking tray, either line it with baking paper, or do what I do, which is throw in a knob of butter and wait for it to melt, then spreading it all along the inside of the tray.
6) Cook it! I know I should have temperatures and times for this part, but as it so happens we have an aga here in the kitchen, which is always hot. Basically, just use some common sense – turn up the temperature of your oven to a usual cake-baking heat, then just keep checking to make sure it doesn’t burn. Stick a fork or something in the middle when you think it’s done – if it comes out clean, then it‘s ready. If not, put it back in for another few minutes.

Then ta da!
They’re so beautiful. And if you like to eat them hot, have them with ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce. It’s like the dessert-version of a hot man covered in kittens. 
I mean, it’s pretty damn good.
Here’s a tip though: If you can, wait until they’ve completely cooled down. The flavours are much stronger.

*cue Seinfeld theme*

I’m not very good at planning, hence why it took me all of half an hour to search for a theme that I don’t know the name of for my post title. And I still can’t find it, so I’ll have to settle with Jerry’s.

I’m also not a great writer, so a part of me is wondering why I’m making this blog in the first place. 
Is it because I have important things to share with the world? Nah.

Is it because I’ve seen many others who I admire do this and it’s sparked the wish to start my own? Yes.

Yeah, okay you got me. I’m a sheep. A lousy follower who jumps on bandwagons. Especially the ones that have been around for years already.

This isn’t even going to be one of those ‘look at me I’m so normal lol how kooky‘ blogs (or has it become so now I’ve pointed it out?). This is literally because in this moment in time, I wanted to make a blog.

And now I have. That’s another thing to check off the ‘social media-ing’ list. (Is it? Is this social media?)
What’s probably also gonna happen is that this’ll be fun for all of one week, and then I’ll get really bad at it and disappear forever again.

I’m also painfully aware that I’m writing as if someone is going to read this, but the reality is, no-one probably will. I’m just have a grand old chat with myself.

“Hi Me.”
“Oh hey.”
“What’s up?”
“Not much. You?”
“Well, I just started a blog.”
“Yeah I know. I’m writing on it right now.”
“No kidding.”
“Yeah, only thing is… I dunno what to write about.”
“Hmm me neither. I was thinking… like… stuff that I liked.”
“What a novel idea! No-one’s ever done that before.”
 Actually, this is kind of nice. Maybe instead of talking to myself, I can write it out and not be a total weirdo. But then again, it’s kind of the fashion to be a little weird and ‘out there’ anyway.

Here’s some stuff that I like:
  • Art. I graduated last year in Fine Art and Design studies, and am now officially an ‘artist’. Surprise surprise, I’m still looking for work on the side until I can actually live on commissions. So, maybe I’ll put up some paintings/drawings/shite.
  • Video Games. I’m no hardcore gamer. I’m one of those ‘casual’ people. Competition freaks me out so I’m bad at online stuff. Apart from Tera Online. That was good.
  • Cooking/Baking. I’m more into sweet things myself, and I do love a good recipe.
  • Health/Beauty. No waaaaaay. No other girl ever has ever been interested in that stuuuuuuuff. Wow, what a special snowflake. Only thing is, it’s literally in only the last year or two that this has actually become an interest. I’m 23.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Music. lol I know. Who doesn’t, right? *scoff scoff* I particularly like video game/film soundtracks though. And the odd song here and there by so-and-so.

I’m praying that I actually stick with this, because it’d be nice to have an extra little outlet for more personal stuff, rather than fumbling around in the dark blue vastness of Tumblr all the time. This place is nice and bright. It feels like the internet-eqivalent of venturing out of the basement into the sun for the first time. Except we don’t have a basement so…

Maybe in my next post I’ll talk about myself more. Dunno for whose benefit I’d be doing that, but let me just pretend that I’m interacting with someone. A girl’s gotta feel like her vapid fantasies are somewhat valid, right?

This is me:

Okay, not really. Wow, haha. You sure are good at catching me out.